Chatswood South Uniting Church

This prominent sandstone church was built in 1871, is Heritage listed and required careful selection of conservation materials.Aranac was engaged to carryout restoration works on stonework, roof frame, roof tiles, guttering and to repair internal walls, flooring and repaint throughout. […]

The Abbey

Aranac was contracted  to restore ‘The Stables’ at the ‘Abbey’ under the supervision of ‘Design 5’ Architects. In a state of disrepair the building required significant structural support changes and general rebuilding of many elements including the part removal of […]

Wollstonecraft Heritage Renovations

Architect: Clive Lucas Stapleton & Partners. Major renovations to heritage house and new parterre garden and swimming pool. “This was one of the best organized jobs I have seen for ten years. Difficult heritage type work was completed seemingly without […]

The Barbett

Aranac were contracted to do extensive restoration and alterations to this house in Castlecrag.Some time in the last 40 years the sandstone had been painted on the main house, both internal and external. This had to be removed without damaging […]