Aranac completed the upgrade of two science labs and the adjoining preparation room working safely and securely within the school’s busy environment.
The work consisted of updating and modernising the two science labs and preparation room. The new rooms feature acoustic ceilings, sound insulated walls, all the safety requirements of modern science lab, including deluge showers, eye wash stations, emergency shut off buttons, health and safety signage and viewing panels to doors. The new modern classroom allows for separate learning spaces for traditional bookwork and practical science experiments at separate work stations. A height adjustable science bench in each lab allows for participation by students of all abilities.
After completely clearing out the old 1970’s fixtures, furnishings and some brick walls the rooms were ready for their upgrade. New services were installed including plumbing, electrical and data networks.

Upgrades were also made to the chemical fume cabinets and chemical store rooms. The classroom furniture was renewed including new tables, chairs, whiteboards and display cabinets. The project was a positive experience for all involved with the students now utilizing the modern science labs.

The tight programme was carried out during term one of 2018, with the construction process being completed on time allowing for students to resume their education in these rooms day one term two. The project was a successful relationship between the NSW department of Education, the school executive including the principal and the head of science and the builders, Aranac.

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