Waratah St – Rushcutterbay (In Progress)

Aranac has been engaged by the strata committee to carry out extensive rectification and rejuvenation works to the entire 5 storey building in the popular enclave of Rushcutters bay.

Built in 1917 and standing proudly as one of the few original buildings within the conservation zone, the heritage council of Sydney is adamant on bringing the original design back to life. External consultants were engaged by the strata to inspect and specify the depth and necessity of work.

265 windows were stripped back and prepared by utilising the latest in marine grade preservatives and paint systems, to ensure longevity in the harsh harbourside environment.

Nearly 100 original double hung windows have been serviced and repaired in the original techniques to allow full operation. Extensive repairs on the rooftop to mitigate risk from ever increasing storms will ensure the building can stand long into the future.

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