Pittwater House School – Stage 2

Impressed after the successful completion of a 2 part renovation to the science wing the year previous, Aranac was engaged to repeat a similar schedule throughout the 2016/17 Christmas holiday break. A total refurbishment of a science classroom, plus the […]

Macarthur Girls High School

Aranac completed the upgrade of two science labs and the adjoining preparation room working safely and securely within the school’s busy environment. The work consisted of updating and modernising the two science labs and preparation room. The new rooms feature […]

Pittwater House School – Stage 1

For over 50 years, Pittwater House School has been providing an outstanding educational platform for children of the northern beaches. Each year over the Christmas holiday break, Pittwater house school carries out upgrades to their existing facilities, to provide the […]

Model Farms High School

Client: Dept of education – Public worksAs a pre qualified builder for the state governments on going infrastructure works, Aranac is regularly engaged to carry out renovation and new build works with the public school system. This such case was […]

Peace Pavillion

Designed by award winning architects “Tonkin Zulaikha Greer” Aranac were lucky to be the builders of this  striking  demountable structure built in Sydney’s Centennial parklands. It was a gift to the state from the Brahma Kumaris, a   religious movement that originated […]